Andara Gems, Specimens, Matrix Powders, & Botanicals (by Janet Lawson)

Andara Gems intentionally cut by scientist, set into jewelry by master artisans and discovered by indigenous people, is unlike any natural or manufactured glass found on this planet. G. I. A. Gem Trade Laboratory has concluded that this specific glass like material does not match up to any of the natural occurring glasses that the laboratory has in its collection of over one thousand samples from around the world.

Natural glass deposits in nature happen in various ways. Volcanic glass is created as the planet expressed its internal power by spewing forth molten lava. Rare occurrences like Fulgarite is caused from lighting striking and veining out in sand.

The glass resembles clear to translucent Obsidian having chonchodial fractures and classic air bubbles. Some of the bubbles stretch quite large into elongated shapes. Striations appear and are like brush strokes some gold in color. Satellite type inclusions of an ashy substance have projecting needles. Most relevant, reported G.I.A. is that of "rare earth trace minerals" detected from the fluorescence "Osmium" in particular which is a monatomic element.

Monatomic atoms have been observed to exist in all the heavy elements in the center of the periodic table. These are the elements which have "half-filled" bands of valence electrons and include the following elements. Their atomic numbers are given in parenthesis (the atomic number represents the number of protons in the nucleus.) Ruthenium (44), Rhodium (45), Palladium (46), Silver (47), Osmium (76), Iridium (77), Platinum (78), and Gold (79). Other metallic elements in the same part of the periodic table have also been observed in microclusters. - (This material was taken from a number of sources at and

Monatomic science is the "new science" with its quantum theory like projections and discovery of high spin state forms of heavy elements such as platinum. When these elements are in their high spin state and exposed to a slight electromagnetic field that element suddenly becomes a different element. Thus we have the bases of alchemy.

G.I.A. and other laboratories do not have the instrumentation to detect and analyze such super extraordinary findings. Therefore, minerals containing these elements cannot be classified properly by laboratories, as they are not included on the periodic table in their high spun states.

David Hudson has put forth a theory that when these elements -- normally recognized as metals -- exist as only one atom at a time in their non-metal state, they exhibit super-conductive properties. This means that when electricity currents flow these elements, there is virtually no impedance to this flow. The problem is that there is no way, according to Mr. Hudson, that modern electrical technology can even detect elements that have super-conductive properties, which is because the instrumentation is fooled by the super-conductivity in the different monatomic elements. - Dr. David Wheeler

According to Mr. Hudson gold miners have been fascinated by a substance called white gold, which is the tailings (sludge) left over after gold recovery from the earth. Many people have tried to find a way to extract the mysterious substance in tailings in large quantities but have failed so far. Based on analysis, these tailing have always exhibited the strange property of not being capable of analysis – they have been classified as substances unknown by testing labs. - Dr. David Wheeler

Andara Specimens first surfaced in the United States in the 1960's following an earthquake. Found and recognized by Native Americans as ancient healing stones the glass like structure of the material closely resembles that of volcanic Obsidian. The color range is from light to dark green, clear pink to champagne; silver to blue and amber to black.

Outside of Reno, Nevada Glass was reported being seen in its natural environment found between Granite and Basalt rock formations. In that locality a powdery substance like a very fine clay helped pinpoint where to dig to extract the material. Native Americans who have worked with this specific powder clay find it to be a healing tonic when a very slight amount is added to water. But the Elders warn more is not better "only a slight amount is needed."

The white powder is comprised of a group of elements in a monatomic state. Hudson calls them "ORMEs" for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements." This is a new form (phase) of matter with entirely different physical properties from normal elements. Conventional chemistry texts have been of little value in explaining ORMEs. Several scientists have started studies of such matter although, none has developed a satisfactory theory explaining the phenomena. - (This material was taken from a number of sources at and

Bruce Tainio from Infinity Resources, Inc. in Cheny Washington reported in 1997 that the Andara glass has been put on an electromagnetic spectrum analysis, and the electromagnetic patterns it emanates are not at all like regular glass. Andara glass is also heliocentric, meaning that it absorbs light and reflects physical light toward the center of its crystalline spiral. Heliocentric refraction pulls the gazer into Andara consciousness. "Andara differs from Quartz where intentions are amplified through Quartz, instead one inserts their intention into the kinetic field associated with the Andara and the entire field moves in response to that intention." As it turns out, monatomic elements, according to the theoretical model presented, also have substantial healing properties. These elements theoretically exist in the body, particularly in the nervous system. Many plants theoretically contain monatomic elements as well, interwoven within the botanical molecules. According to some research based on this totally theoretical model, the more people can increase the amount of these super-conductive elements in their body, the greater the body's capacity is to heal itself. - Dr. David Wheeler Hudson also has a patent that details the process to produce ORMEs from refined T-metals. He claims that ORMEs naturally exist in certain volcanic soils as well as certain plants grown in volcanic soils. The orbitals in these elements are rearranged, when these materials are subjected to ordinary instrumental assays, the instruments provide false readings. For example, the same material can appear as iron oxide, calcium and silica, or aluminum-silica oxide at different stages of the production process. However, the T-metals can be recovered by electrolysis in the presence of a catalyst, and a final analysis then shows that there is no iron, calcium, silica, or aluminum present. Alternatively, the ORMEs can be subjected to a 300-second, rather than a typical 15-second, carbon arc fire assay to reveal the presence of T-metals

(The above material was taken from a number of sources at and

ORMEs are naturally occurring in certain volcanic soils dating back to a geological event, which occurred about 60 million years ago. Soils, which are considered rich in these elements might contain up to six percent of this material. The remaining 94 percent or more of the material is ordinary dirt comprised mainly of silicon compounds. Initial processing consists of removing the dirt to get the residue. The residue comprises ORMEs or the white powder. - (This material was taken from a number of sources at and

Hudson states that the naturally-occurring white powder is comprised of all the precious ORMEs in rather fixed proportions. (At least from his ores.) He stated that each ORME affects a different gland (seal) of the body. Ancient literature says that the white powder of gold effects the seventh seal (the pineal gland), other white powders effect other seals. Hudson believes that proper spiritual usage would require that you take all the elements in their naturally occurring proportions. That's what the Egyptians did.

Although Hudson did make brief comments about the spiritual qualities of the white powder, we turn instead to the classic literature and to contemporary channels to learn more about the spiritual qualities of the white powder. It has spiritual effects due to the physical effects of the white powder on each of the seven seals in the body. These are the seven spiritual centers. When all seven seals are open, the body takes on "Christ-like" characteristics.

A summary of some of the spiritual qualities which are imparted on anyone who takes the white powder internally follow. This list has been derived from a number of classical sources, both written and channeled, and has yet to be confirmed or rebutted by contemporary scientists. Hudson categorically states that his white powder is the same as that found in the ancient pyramids although he offers no independent scientific verification of his statement. Incidentally, contemporary channels agree that Hudson's material is the same as that found in the pyramids. - (This material was taken from a number of sources at and

Monatomic Elements do not exist based on any tangible proof. Their existence is merely theoretical. Therefore, all information provided by Dr. Wheeler on monatomic elements (MAE) is strictly educational and not a representation that they exist or will accomplish anything in terms of functional healing properties. However, from a theoretical perspective, Dr. Wheeler feels that they may explain a lot about energetic and vibrational changes that occur in the body that deal with healing from his own holistic healing philosophy – that ease is introduced into the body to discharge underlying energetic patterns of disease. - Dr. David Wheeler

The truly astonishing fact about the enigmatic white powder of high-spin gold and platinum group metals is that it is not actually a new discovery. The ancient Mesopotamians called it shem-an-na and the Egyptians described it as mfkzt (vowels are omitted in the hieroglyph translation), while the Alexandrians venerated it as a gift from Paradise and later chemists such as Nicolas Flamel called it the Philosophers' Stone. It was at Karnak where, in about 1450 BC, Pharaoh Tuthmosis III founded his metallurgical fraternity of Master Craftsmen, with 39 members on the High Council. They were called the Great White Brotherhood--a name which it was said, derived from their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder of projection.

The powder's association with light was discovered again by the archaeologist Sir William Flinders Petrie in 1904. Researching the mountain wilderness of Sinai for the Egypt Exploration Fund, he discovered a hitherto unknown Egyptian temple at the summit of Mount Serābīt (better known as Mount Horeb, from the Bible account of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant). Here in this complex of halls and shrines, there were numerous inscriptions relating to mfkzt, accompanying a variety of hieroglyphs for light. Also, in line with the Karnak reliefs, presentations of conical bread-cakes were apparent in the Serābīt wall carvings. One of these was a representation of Tuthmosis IV in the presence of the goddess Hathor. Before him were two offering stands topped with lotus flowers, and behind him a man bearing a conical object described as "white bread".

When filing his patents, Hudson had the substances classified as Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs), and the scientific terminology to describe the monatomic phenomenon is "asymmetrical deformed high-spin". The substances are superconductors because high-spin atoms can pass energy from one to the next with no net loss of energy.

In the May 1995 issue of Scientific American, the effect of the platinum group metal ruthenium was discussed in relation to human DNA. It was pointed out that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of a short strand of DNA, the strand becomes 10,000 times more conductive. It becomes, in effect, a superconductor. For some time, chemists had suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecule, and here was confirmation of the fact." - Sir Laurence Gardner extracted from Nexus Magazine

The immune system is nothing more than a communication system, and by increasing the speed and efficiency from cell to cell communication, the body can then more easily identify and eliminate disease. Another hypothesis in the MAE theoretical model is that monatomic elements also clear distortions in the DNA molecule -- from the ground floor of biochemical function in the body, there is a clearing of any health issues and disease tendencies. - Dr. David Wheeler

The cells communicate with each other not only with chemicals and electrically via the nervous system but also via photons. A lack of photons in the cells, as well as needing to be organized correctly, will inhibit the capacity of the immune system to be able to recognize and eliminate disease. Monatomic elements seem to increase the level of photons in the cells, as well as reorganizing their active function to promote health. - Dr. David Wheeler

Andara Gems, Specimens, Matrix Powders and Botanicals are going to revolutionize they way we think about gems, jewelry, specimens, nutritional supplements, science and spirituality. Comprehending monatomic sciences is not enough. Each individual must experience the physical and spiritual ramifications of the Andara in all its different states mediums and expressions.

Now that we understand a little more about monatomic elements and their importance in internal supplements and healing agents for the body let us focus on the Andara Glass as meditative enhancers. The largest collection of Andara seems to be gathering out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the little island of Kauai. The island of Kauai has the highest percentage of the healing arts professionals per capita than any state in the union.

Kudos to the artist, scientist and organizations for their enlightened research and their courage to be on the cutting edge of science through the study of minerals and monatomic elements. Without their brilliance and beliefs in the unseens these studies and discoveries would not of been possible. - Janet Lawson GG

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This paper is dedicated to all minerals and the Indigenous peoples who discovered them.