Barbara Evans (My Andara Story)

Barbara Evans

I first met Crystal Jones at the May 2004 Crystal Conference in Vermont. This was also my first meeting with Indonesian Andara. I was immediately drawn to both Crystal and her wonderful, large Andara pieces. I kept on being drawn back to her table. Crystal graciously offered to allow me to take my favorite piece to my Hotel room as I took a rest from my own booth space. I lay on the bed, holding the Andara to my heart ... then I turned so that the Andara lay in the small of my back-immediately I felt the energy penetrating my physical body like rays of bubbles radiating out from the area of contact; radiating in all directions within my being.

Around one month later I began a trio of paintings, Wisdom of Solomon, Transit of Venus and Creating the New Dream. The energy of the Andara is prominent in all three of the paintings as it adds its very special vibration to the Sacred Geometry of the images. In September 2004 I was able to visit Crystal at her home in Kauai. We spent an amazing few days together during which time I received an Andara Healing Session, a very important and profound experience. We are linked, Crystal and I, and we are both linked to this most wonderful, loving, beauty we call Andara.

"New Earth"

Since that time Andara has been ever present in my life and my art, holding its place in all the crystal grids I co-create for the work that I do. As I write, I await the arrival of my first Sacred Geometry Cut Andara Gem ~ a Star of Fortuna ~ this I know is another huge leap in my relationship with this energy. I am excited and joyful, and so grateful that Crystal and her Andara are part of my life.

Barbara Evans