California Andara

There is a profound difference between Indonesian Andara and Californian. Though they are both most certainly Andara, their energies are clearly different.

California Andara is more masculine - strict, specific, and defined in it's purpose.

Indonesian Andara is more feminine - fluid, forgiving, gentle as the Pacific Ocean.

Lady Nellie, a Choctaw medicine woman whose land is where Andara was found, has been guided by Spirit to distribute her Andara to as many people as possible around the World. Native Americans, Shamans, Healers, Spiritual Leaders & Teachers are instinctively drawn to the magical powers of Andara.

The Golden Mean Gem

Greg Papin, the founder of Golden Mean Studios, is familiar with California Andara. In full harmony and agreement with Crystal's understanding of and connection with Indonesian Andara, he is also adept at the proper faceting and comprehension of California Andara.

Greg ... "As to working with Andara, the differences between California and Indonesian are somewhat complex. In the actual cutting process, the California Andara is much more brittle. This brittleness manifests itself generally at sharp and acute angles. The Indonesian Andara seems to be slightly softer and not as brittle.

I am at a loss to explain why there is a difference being that they are so similar in composition. This difference must be a result of the coloring agent differences between the two stones. When working with stones, it is very important that I distance myself from them. If I did not do this, I would be caught up in a very tangled web.

As to my experiences with Andara outside of cutting, the Indonesian Andara always makes me feel as though I am drifting in space. This feeling is unique in that I don't feel as if I am alone. With the California Andara, the experience is much the same but there is a oneness about it that can sometimes be a bit disconcerting."