Andara Gem Therapy

Questions may come to your mind.

What is your soul's purpose in life?

Are there any unresolved emotions, which may be causing physical illness in your body?

Are you willing to embrace the healing energy and begin to trust your inner knowing?

Receiving answers from your inner guidance may be achieved through desire and commitment.

Andara Gems help infuse the creative qualities within your soul. Once recognized, your heart may be filled with inspiration and imagination for manifesting your future endeavors.

The DNA code, which makes you a unique individual contains the genetic keys to your physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. As you evolve through lifetimes, the communication system between the body and mind may become disrupted by traumas such as sickness, anger, fear and injuries.

The intracellular system in the body may become blocked ultimately affecting the energy flow of the meridians. If left untreated, these blockages may lead to disease in your physical body and in your emotional and spiritual being as well.

Presently, the body utilizes two strands of DNA. Slowly activating the ten shadow strands of DNA, Andara helps the body adjust to a higher resonance.

Your intuition will become aware of the healing energy flowing naturally through your body, when all twelve strands of DNA are revitalized.

By the end of the healing session, you may have a clear perspective of what you need to maintain balance in your life and how to enhance your health and well-being.

As your heart begins to receive light and love, you may understand that you create your own reality.