Greg Papin

Greg has been fascinated with stones from childhood when he and his sister Pamela collected Quartz crystals from a red clay hill not far from there home in Panama. At one point he took a bag of his mother's loose stones out for show and tell. His mother was not amused. This started Greg on his way.

Greg managed several major Jewelry stores on his way to doing his own thing. With experiences in the jewelry business from the buying and selling side in addition the creative and production side, Greg offers a unique perspective that is reflected in the kind of pieces that appeals to modernists as well as traditionalists alike. Greg is a multi-talented craftsman. He works with wood, metal and stone. His passion for detail can be found in his application of sacred geometry as well as the use of the Golden Mean.

Crystal ..."The tremendous talent by master craftsman, Greg Papin is evident by the precise faceting of each gemstone which displays exceptional symmetry and a commitment to quality."

Greg ..." First off, my cuts with six sided stars have been one of my signature cuts for some time. The six-sided star has its modern roots in Sacred Geometry. I for one believe that it has been revered by the inhabitants of this world far longer than recorded history.

As a rule, I need to be in the right frame of mind to start with and have something happen to get me going. The star child as an example came to being because of a story that I read. It was about how as children we marvel at the stars and as we get older, we sometimes take them for granted.

The energy wheel is my interpretation of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. There are two stones in this set, one with a right twist and the other a left twist. I am told by people much more in tune than I am that the use of the two stones infuses and balances energy in such a way that it invigorates without over stimulating."

Greg ..."If I can give pleasure to someone through the creation of an object of adornment, then I have accomplished what I set out to do."