Iao Valley Gathering

As the date of the ceremony drew closer I found myself becoming anxious with excitement. Receiving information during my meditations of how I should prepare for this magical event, I tuned into every detail. I was guided by Madame Pele to place an offering of her Lava on the crystal grid which would slowly form by those participating in the ceremony. While on the Big Island over the summer, Pele instructed me to travel to her most resent flow and locate several pieces of her Lava to return to Kauai. Respectfully, I questioned Pele's requests on several occasions. Trusting my guidance through this journey, I chose two beautiful pieces of Lava from the scorching field before it entered the ocean. I delicately placed the still smoldering lava into my woven carry bag, in hopes that it would not burn through the bottom. At the time, information was not given that one of these beauties would travel to Maui for The Iao Valley Ceremony.

It became increasingly clear that I would be working with Pele and her Lava during the month of August. She has the ability to force you to face all fears which may be hidden deep inside your soul. We found ourselves remembering what it felt like to dance with one another. Pele has a tendency to be fierce when she wants you to receive her messages.

Preparing to pack for my Maui trip, I had a sudden urgency to choose one of the pieces of lava to travel with me. Immediately I could feel her strength and power. As I held the lava in my hands, I felt her commanding energy to be placed in my suitcase. I hesitated, but then remembered how important her presence would be for the ceremony. I placed Pele's Lava in my hand carry bag to travel to Maui, knowing how long it had been since she had visited the sacred site of Iao Valley.

The crowing roosters woke me up way before my alarm on Sunday morning. Gazing out my window I was concerned when I saw the clouds shrouding the mountains near Iao Valley. My dear friend Marianne assured me that these were not rain clouds as we watched the sun begin to rise.

Arriving early to Iao Valley, I was greeted by another dear friend Katherine who tied three small nuggets of Lemurian Jade around my wrist. I then noticed the exquisite crystal grid beginning to form before my eyes. Perfectly created by loving souls who brought their favorite quartz, stones and flowers. Carefully placing Pele's Lava on the expanded crystal grid, I could feel the abundant energy swirling in the air. My Andara was then gently placed on the opposite end of the crystal grid. Jane Ann was radiant as she greeted each participant who arrived to help contribute to the new Lemurian Dream.

Draped with fragrant leis and a sweet Lemurian Jade Heart, Jane Ann thanked everyone for paying tribute to Lord Mu, for which the land of Lemuria was conceived and created. Goddess Pele, Hawaii's legend and powerful advisor who represents the wisdom and importance of change. And lastly, Jane Ann spoke passionately of our beloved Quan Yin, who represents compassion to those who strive towards a more loving nature.

With camera in hand, I was awe struck by the beautiful mist which caressed the mountains surrounding us. Taking as many photographs as possible before the ceremony got underway, I could not help but notice the serene look on everyone's face. I then began to settle into a calm meditative state as Anthony began to fill the air with his melodious flute music. Normally, I meditate sitting or lying down. However this morning would be far from normal. Standing straight, my legs began to feel as if they were slowly sinking deep into Mother's Earth. I then flashed on the Dow crystal that I choose during Jane Ann's work shop the previous day. How symbolic, that the Dow crystal represents balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit! Surreal sensations began to envelope my body as my mind dove deeper into a tranquil state. All sense of time was foreign to me at this moment. Visualizations began to appear clearly as my body began to relax in a standing position.

I found myself traveling to every continent on our beautiful planet. Not physically on the earth, but hovering above each country. What I witnessed brought tears of joy to my eyes. A fusion of silver and gold lava slowly and deliberately began to flow over the top of each country until finally planet Earth turned into a huge ball of shimmering Light! The perfect union of Male (Gold) and Female (Silver) Energy seemed to be protecting Mother Earth. Beams of Light began to travel to all Planets in our Universe from our Earth. Each Planet would then be illuminated with the silver/gold light. The sacred union of the loving souls surrounding the crystal grid began to shine brightly. A feeling of compassion came over me as I witnessed suffering from unfortunate souls in our World. Suddenly, I began to witness the sweet faces of friends sending best wishes for this special day! I found myself gazing into their eyes as they passed by my minds eye. My thoughts then turned to relatives and friends who are no longer living on the earth plane. Smiles were shared between us. Knowing the happiness that pure love can bring to our souls. Our light energy will be consciously felt by those we meet in the future!

Coming back to reality seemed difficult at first. My body felt awkward as I tried to lift my legs one at a time out of the earth. My eyes focused slowly towards each crystal and stone that was bathed in the glorious sunlight from above. A peaceful sensation began to permeate my mind, body and spirit.

The Iao Valley Ceremony was a very humbling experience for me.

I understand that the desires held in my heart will keep me focused on the path of knowledge.
I fully embrace the love of my family and friends as I strive for a higher consciousness.
It was truly an honor to stand in the circle of friends who are helping to create the new Lemurian Dream.
Mahalo Jane Ann for helping to making this Dream a Reality!