"I am Andara crystallized divine liquid lovelight from the great central sun of suns.
Brought to Earth by beings from the stars to light your way home.
Let me help you to find and follow your path.
Let me help you to uncover and heal your wounds.
Let me help you to dissolve away the conditioned behaviors, false pretences and illusions that stop you from knowing who and what you really are.
Let me help you to find and live your truth, for only in doing this will you find your joy, fulfill the dream of bringing heaven to Earth, and so return home."

This message, which was channeled from one of my Transcending Light of Faith gems beautifully captures all that andara has come to mean to me.

I met my first "Californian rough" Andara at my friends' store "Sacred Fire" in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, and immediately fell in love, only to be told that the stones were rare and sellers difficult to find. One rainy day a few weeks later I decided to Google Andara, found Crystal's web site and was bedazzled by the beauty of the faceted Andara Gems. As it turned out, Crystal was visiting the Big Island too and, as they say "the rest is history".

The meeting happened right at the time when my spirit guides had told me to prepare for a period of intense spiritual growth as apparently, in my pre-birth contract I had agreed to ground, anchor and radiate great spiritual light to the world. By that time I had been running from this pre-birth contract, trying to hide as best I could for several years, and apparently the game was up. It was time to come out from under my rock and get on with what I was here to do.

The first faceted Andara that I held was even more powerful than expected. As I held it in the palm of my hand, I felt my entire physical body and light body "power up" in recognition. This was definitely the stone to give me the cosmic reboot promised by my guides! I was hooked, and purchased one Transcending Light of Faith and one Star Child to use in meditation and laying on of stones. Working with the Andaras certainly upped the ante on clearing my mental and emotional baggage and embracing spiritual growth they (together with my spirit guides) were gentle but relentless in pushing me through the gnarly bits of what has truly been a roller coaster ride.

andara pendant star child

Several months later, on another visit to Hawaii, the design for a pendant incorporating my Andara Star Child stone appeared to me in meditation. The round Star Child was to be surrounded by three triangular pink stones. My dear friend Crystal gifted me a beautiful pink Californian Andara rough stone and, as if it had been planned that way by Spirit Greg Papin had just completed the design for cutting a faceted triangular gem. The pendant was made by Master Jeweler Jacques Amo from Kapa'a on Kauai, and is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen.

Since I put it on, it feels SOOOO good that it never comes off, except to show the many people around the world that have asked about it and wanted to look at it more closely. The healing energy from the pendant is so strong that people have felt it "zapping" them from across the room. People have also reported "feeling things moving around inside their body" when they hold the pendant in their hand. The little Transcending Light of Faith was SO effective in laying on of stones that I bought two more large ones. One carries the Divine Masculine energy and one the Divine Feminine they have helped to facilitate many healings, greatly amplifying the healing power of the other stones used. I carry them with me everywhere as part of my travelling healer kit. I also carry several of the rough Californian Andara stones, which work well together with the faceted gems.

I am so grateful to Crystal and the Andaras for facilitating my period of intense clearing and spiritual preparation, and for paving the way to the channeling of my first book, and the recording of a series of healing CD's featuring spoken and sung Language of Light. Without the help of the Andaras, I may well have still been hiding under my rock!

Love and Blessings,