Jon Fernandez (Web site author)

I was Intrigued by this project form the beginning and consider myself immensely spiritual but thick. My wife can take 2 aspirin and receive a miracle of relief. I'll take the same and can't say I feel all that different, even if I really need to.

Regardless of that I know that the world is far grander than we could possibly understand. To squelch the pursuits of the current visionaries is no different than telling Columbus that the world is flat, we know it's flat, and you should stay at home.

It is interesting to me that recently a good friend, who was becoming interested in 'spiritual crystals', asked me what I thought of them. I had to answer truthfully that though I know there is more to the world than I could possibly understand, I haven't experienced anything in that area so I can't say anything positive on the subject.

Interesting again that within 2 months I was working on "Crystal's" web site, which had a definite sense of karma associated with it.

"Crystal" is immensely grounded and sweet beyond compare and whether I believe in Crystal energy or not, I cannot deny that this is a person who's found something that is working for her. As soon as I began working with Crystal, being a person who obviously acts on inspired impulse, she promptly gave me a faceted Andara Gem to "be there" while I worked on this site.

This was a beautiful gem, but being as I said 'thick', I can't say for sure what I felt from it. Possibly there was an added urge to work on this site, maybe 'get the word out', but I am not positive that I can say anything out of the ordinary was up.

Then "Crystal", possibly unsatisfied with the pace of her site, decided that an unfaceted Andara wanted to go home with me to stay after one of our working sessions.

I may be thick but I am not a skeptic, so it was interesting that when I brought it home, I definitely wanted to find the right place for it but felt no attraction to the locations I tried.

Then almost mundanely I considered putting it right in front of me at my computer where I of course spend 80% of my waking hours. There was a definite 'kerplunk' when I put it down right under my monitor. I have to say the first night I worked with it there I was on a high all night.

Since then I have found 2 different positions for this Andara that could possibly have interesting effects for me.

What can I say? Would I recommend something like this to my treasured friends? I am certainly not hesitant to do so. I have no problem and maybe even a hopeful excitement for someone who is interested in taking a deeper look for themselves into the possibilities that are being talked about here.

Final thoughts:If there is a benevolent God, who would certainly place things in our world to support and comfort us, what could be more obvious than the beautiful, light massaging, glasses and crystalline objects around us. Certainly more likely than some of the other things that we are attracted to and hopeful for of some needed effect.

Jon Fernandez