Linda Miki

I was first introduced to Andara at a lunch overlooking the magical Kealekekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. Since then, I have worked with them both personally and professionally for over 3 years. I find Andara to be a very effective tool for assisting people to move through their blockages and into alignment with their "soule sovereign self".

I practice Quantum Empowerment and use both the raw Andara and Andara Gems with my clients often. Though many will tell you that it is just glass, I can promise you that the properties of this "glass" are nothing like anything else. I have seen many facsimiles out there and know that Crystal Jones uses only the highest quality, natural Andaras in her work. Everything she does is with great intention and integrity so every step in her offering of these stones is done with a focus on quality.

Please remember to use your discernment in choosing an Andara, as it is part of what Andara teaches. It is a stone of manifestation and bringing things to light. It activates the connection between you and your highest self and moves you into full alignment. Beyond its basic properties, each color offers additional qualities and when you add the sacred geometric form, it creates a phenomenal synergy. So, each gem offers a different resonance which gives you powerful tools for specific purposes. I have some that I use in their pure gem form and others that have lent themselves to an additional layer of synergy as an amulet.

These are amazing gems not only for their dazzling brilliance and beauty but also for their energetic component. If you are ready for a journey like no other to connect with your "soul sovereign self", welcome an Andara Gem into your life!

Linda Miki Dohemann

Quantum Empowerment

My bio:

My name is Linda Miki, and I am the owner of Body & Being, Balanced Wellness. I have the privilege to practice as a Professional Life Coach, a Spiritual Psychology Teacher, an Ordained Inter-Faith Minister and a body-worker. I have practiced wellness and transformation facilitation for over 15 years, trained in numerous healing modalities. My purpose is to help empower people to live lives full of health, wealth and joy. I offer sessions (individual/group), seminars, vision quests, retreats, and spiritual adventures.