Marianne Ghent

Crystal Healing by Marianne Ghent

I was honoured to be the first to receive a healing treatment using Andara before the conceptual idea of faceting it into sacred geometric gemstones. While an array of faceted precious gems were also used, I was the first to have this highly unique and synergystic combination used. There was a resonance for me with the Andara, and it provided a gentle and most beautiful unfoldment from the heart which was calming and soothing.

And thus, the healing session experience was beyond words, and had a mystical quality which was profound and deeply personal. My connection with my dear, departed father came up, and it was soothing and uplifting at the same time, much like his influence throughout my life. This healing therapy is strongly connected to the heart and to emotional healing and to journeying deeply into the heart itself. It conjures the awareness of forgotten connections, and memories of those we have loved and weaves their threads through time, as fluidly as the Andara appear to look deeply inside.

We are called to look deeply inside of our heart, and the intuitive calling of the heart. I know I have resisted with my mind thorughout my journey, in an attempt to build security through what I thought I knew and today I would say that I feel a far greater inner safety through the knowing in my heart, of where my true home abides.

In my possession are two pieces of raw andara stone, and they are always close to me, in my home beside my bed. Sometimes they are placed on my body, or used in my bathwater, and can also be used in meditation. They respond to my intention, and can be used as tools for healing with the placement on an altar or with photographs of loved ones.

With much love and gratitude,