The Andara's Origins

Andara is one of the most exciting geological discoveries in recent years and its mysterious properties are only now being revealed.

This precious gem has an extraordinary ability to divide the spectrum of light into a rainbow of brilliant colors.

Valued for its beauty and appreciated for its incredible luminosity, Indonesian Andara may be identified by golden strands of fiber and minute gaseous bubbles appearing to radiate out from the center of the gemstone. A beautiful well-formed inclusion may increase the value considerably since this 'signature of nature' points to its origin.

Various color nuances of Andara range from a vivacious green to a translucent turquoise, resembling the radiant waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Ancient Art of Sacred Geometry is meticulously incorporated through exquisite artisanship and captivating designs, thereby maximizing its brilliance.

Timeless design and classical allure enhance the unique and mystical personality of Andara, thus capturing the hearts of many gem lovers around the world.

Crystal ..."This beautiful Golden Orb hovering above an Indonesian Andara was photographed during the Vermont Crystal Conference, May 2004. Noticing this amazing image in my camera, I turned to Jane Ann, showing her the image and said, 'Well, we certainly are not alone'!"

Another member of the "Andara Family" resides in the Sierra Mountains of California and was discovered by Lady Nellie.