Patricia Lawrence

Crystal: I will never forget Patricia's response when the Indonesian Andaras came on the scene. She could hardly contain herself and felt an immediate connection. I later learned that Patricia was born in Indonesia!!! Coincidence?...I think not!

Andaras came into my life in 2002, when a friend sent me into a shop on the island of Kauai and asked me to check out this volcanic glass, which were said to be powerful healing stones. Curious to find out more about anything new that comes my way, I set out for store. The owners were more than pleased to show me their collection. I looked at a small clear andara and thought "what's all the fuss about? It's just like a piece of glass! What's the difference between this and a char of glass from a bottle of pineapple juice?" Needless to say that I was disappointed. But then, my curiosity took over once more and I decided that there had to be more to this glass than met the eye - something there I must be missing. So I turned and looked into the glass from all angles and discovered three chambers. Other than that, the glass was perfectly clear and had a certain luminescence to it. Instantly it resonated with me: these chambers represented the different stages of a life process I had been going through. My husband had cancer and I was his care giver. The first chamber represented our life before the diagnosis, the middle chamber was the here and the now and the last chamber represented post cancer days, or the future. Needless to say, that andara came home with me that day and I carried it with me wherever I went. During the sad times, I would take it out of my pocket and look at it and realize that the current situation was only temporary. It helped to actually see that and it helped cheer me up. Now that those chambers have been transcended, this andara no longer applies and it sits on my dining room table sharing giving light to the house. This is a personal stone and is not used for healings.

On another occasion at the same store, I was attracted to a semi circular andara. It was clear and had a lot going on inside. It looked like a very happy sunburst, with inclusions going in every direction, spreading and diffusing the light. Rainbows jumped out at me and this piece became my friend immediately. Others who have visited my home have also been instantly attracted to this andara. One friend just couldn't put it down and asked if it could come home with him for a while. He was renovating a house that was in need of good energy and light and so he put it on the mantle piece. This precious little stone beamed its energy into the empty house and its happy nature greeted everyone coming through the front door, immediately catching their attention. This stone is everybody's friend and is used in healings.

Andaras come in a variety of different colours. First to come to the surface were bottle green andaras, pink/lavender coloured ones, clear andaras and rootbeer brown andaras. Later on also olive green and lime/yellow colours appeared. All colours, except for the dark rootbeer, are translucent or transparent. The rootbeer andara was solid in colour with no light shining through in any way. In my early andara days, I held a small piece of dark brown andara. As I picked it up, it cut my finger and drew blood. Clearly this piece was not for me. I held other dark brown andaras and they all seemed menacing to me somehow. The conclusion was that dark stones were not for me, at least I was not supposed to have any at that time. I bought a piece for my husband and that I was allowed to do. However, no sooner did my husband pass on and his dark andara disappeared, never to be found again. I was not supposed to have it! Another piece of dark brown andara was gifted to me by the owner of the store. It too left me soon after I held it. Much later, I was attracted by a larger piece of dark andara which had a lot of rainbows and had such happy energy. I was somewhat hesitant to purchase it, as no dark andara had wanted to stay with me till now. But somehow it seemed to be calling to me and I felt that I could transcend that experience - this particular piece would help me do that. I decided to risk it and the dark andara came home with me that day.

For one reason and another, I did not have a lot of time I could spend with this dark andara, and I put it out on a shelf. A year later I discovered that it had changed colour - it had turned from a rootbeer to a honey colour and it was now translucent! I picked it up and looked at it in amazement, not believing my eyes! Surely, glass doesn't change?! I took it back to the store where I had bought it and the owners remembered the piece but they too could not believe their eyes. "What do you do with your stones?", they asked, as they had never seen anything like this before. We came to the conclusion that andaras adapt to the energy of the person(s) they are with. I needed light energy, and that brown andara gave me just that. It "knew" that I liked it but that I could not have dark stones around me, perhaps because I was coming out of a sad and "dark" era after my husband passed on.

Several months later I was shown another small clear andara, that I really liked. I picked it up and it turned blue in my hand - a turquoise blue. A green olive andara in my collection is in the process of turning a lime/yellow, my little pink andara changes between an almost clear with a slight pink tint, to a deeper pink when I hold it. (The above stories are about andaras from California).

Other andaras have joined my collection and a "new" andara was found in Indonesia, on or near the island of Sumatra. Sumatra is my place of birth and so this volcanic glass really resonates with me. Whereas I personally feel that the California andaras are more "picky" in their choice of people, Indonesian andaras are much more gregarious, sharing and open. Their happy, upbeat and forgiving nature are perfect for use during healings. The Indonesian andaras that have surfaced so far, have appeared in a bottle green, often with darker green, blue and honey brown areas, and a ocean blue, which is almost a turquoise. Looking into the turquoise blue stones is like looking into the ocean at depth. These andaras eminate a joyful calmness and serenity that is very profound and healing.

In my andara collection, there are personal stones that have specific "tasks" and are not used for healing, and "working stones" that are used in healings. The personal stones are larger - for instance I have one to teach me how to "talk", as I often say things without thinking about them first. Every time I look at this beautiful ocean blue stone, I am reminded to mind my words. The fist Indonesian andara that came home with me was a large bottle green one with areas of honey brown, blue and something white which may be a calcite inclusion. It was on the seat of my car after it had come into my life. Together we drove home and at one point I sensed that it was "talking" to me. I tuned in and distinctly "heard": "I want to be your partner in healings - your equal partner. I want to be between the feet of the recipient, so that I can "see" him/her and he/she can see me!" It was insistent - over and over again this request was stated. I was very happy to have a partner and "mate" during the healings.