A beautiful Andara comes to me as a seed of love. I am sincerely taking care to give it water, and a place in the sun. A lovely bud is growing to the light from the duality of our world.

While I encounter resistance, the bud of love rapidly grows higher and stronger. Geometomical patterns expand more of their essences,and add the force of growth. All of the old, heavy and unnecessary things are shaken free. I become more pure day by day. Feeling light and happy. Like soaring high in the sky. Yes. I become one with love like Birds are floating with the wind in the sky.

Om sweet Om       Welcome to the Gods.

My first meeting with Mrs. Crystal was at Jane-Ann Dow's workshop in Maui, 2006. She introduced beautiful Andara Gems to us. When I first touched them, "This is it!" Since then I am enjoying Andara Crystal Journey. Myself emerge through their energy and they also take me to various color's world like a Kaleidoscope as my special guide.

I also enjoy Andara Gem Essence which Mrs. Crystal has created. It aligns my center line immediately and, I go very deep meditation after taking it. I love it!

Recently, I experienced an Andara Gem session by Mrs. Crystal, at Anini Beach, Kauai. Prior to this time, I had never been filled with the fullness of light. It has became one of the important shifts in my life.

Now, the Rose Andara Gem joins with the Andara Sun Star & Golden Mean Gem. I am excited for a journey with the trinity of Andara Gems! It resonates ecstasy and OM, expanding from a personal level, to all of humanity universal.

Love & Light