Sandhya reads Cards For Astrology: Encoded within the "common" deck of 52 playing cards is the life path of every person, organization, and nation on the planet. Each day of the year is associated with a card in the deck, and by finding your birth card through the month and day you were born, the whole system opens up to you, revealing your natal chart as well as the influences around you this current year. Sandhya has been working with this system for eight years and is known for technically accurate as well as intuitively inspired readings. She offers 10-minute complimentary readings to those interested in learning more about this fascinating, accurate, user-friendly system. You can reach her at 808.826.1033, or

Crystal ... "Sandhya reads your life path as found in the "common" deck of playing cards. She calls the system "Cards For Astrology," although it is also known as "Destiny Cards." After having a personal reading with her I decided to ask her to calculate and interpret the names of the Andara Faceted Gems, and I was astounded at the correlation with the meaning of the card and the name which was given to each gem. I think there is value to this system of cards and I highly recommend Sandhya's readings."