Andara Facet Numerical Analysis

By Sandhya

Andara Faceted Gems:

The Andara Sun Star 28 = 2 Diamonds

Success in business partnerships, while using intuition and staying in one's integrity and value system. This brings luck, satisfaction and success while fulfilling one's goals.

The Andara Star Child 3 = 3 Hearts

Child-like creative expression, tremendous artistic interest and experimentation, love vibration, sunshine playfulness and happiness. A very good influence for the arts and for loving, playful relationship opportunities.

The Andara Energy Wheel 43 = 4 Spades

This vibratory rate is very grounding, balanced, and spiritually-based, even while it can offer a foundation from which to accomplish much in the world. Self-discipline, responsibility, determination, yet softness and an interest in serving the greater community is inherent in the vibration of the Four of Spades.

The Transcending Light of Faith 22 = 9 Clubs

This gem vibrates to the Master Number 22 and carries with the responsibility and the opportunity of the Spiritual Initiate through Higher Knowledge, the Nine of Clubs. This is the Universal Teacher who offers what she has learned through both her study and her intuitive knowing.

The Star of Fortuna 25 = Q clubs

The Queen of Clubs represents compassionate, nurturing service through mastery of the intellect and intuitive faculties. The queen is the feminine archetype who, along with her king, represents mastery of the Club Suit indicating that she has made her mind her ally. She can rely on her rational, intellectual, analytical mind and, at the same time, she has finely attuned her intuitive gifts so that she knows she can rely on these as well. The Queen of Clubs is associated with the most protected Jupiter position, so the name “Fortuna” is aptly given to this gem.

The Golden Mean 45 = 6 Spades

This vibratory rate represents perfect spiritual balance, where all is completely harmonized. The Six of Spades is one of the Mystic Cards. These phrases come to mind: “The sea of perpetuity.” “Utter stillness.” This gem may help to still one's mind.

The Shield of Peace 11 = J Hearts

This gem vibrates to the Master Number 11, and the wearer of this gem would be entering into a spiritual initiation by accepting this Shield of Peace. The number 11 is an esoteric master number of spiritual importance. It bestows courage, power, and talent, with strong feelings of leadership. However, the true mastership is service, and with its association with the Jack of Hearts, this service is through Love. There are demands that come with the number 11. It requires high standards, You must learn patience and at the same time be able to make quick decisions. At first, you may wish to wear this gem for short periods of time, and as you adjust to the vibratory rate you may wear it for longer periods.

The Jack of Hearts represents Christ Consciousness. It is the Jupiter (expansion) Card in the Venus (Earthly Love) Line in the Spread of Cards, and thus is at the center of what appears to be a cross. The opportunity in wearing this gem is to expand and express your love to others. The caution is that in so doing, to be sure you do not over-do to the point of self- sacrifice. That is the old, Piscean model. We are in the Age of Aquarius, the age of self-empowerment. As you wear this gem of love, and express love, teach others how to love themselves more fully.