The Star of David (by Mary Shea)


A Star of David is a geometric configuration that has 6 equidistant points within a 360 degree radius or two interlocking triangles, one facing up and the other facing down. It looks exactly like the Jewish Star many would recognize and it is historically linked to King David who actually had a Star of David in his natal astrological chart formed by the planets. This was amazing since there were only 7 known planets at the time, 6 of which had to be in the correct position. The commonly called Star of David is not limited to the Jewish faith and the Kabbalah however, as it also appears in the Buddhist, Theosophical, and various other Eastern and Western traditions. It is fair to say that it is a symbol of integration (linking heaven and earth, as above, so below) and spirituality. When a Star of David occurs, you cannot see the Star in the night sky because the points surround the earth 360 degrees around. This means that half of the planets are below the horizon. Also some of the planets in our solar system are not visible with the human eye.


Planetary Stars - In the Stars that I have studied since 1990, the two interlocking triangles are formed solely by the planets in our solar system. These planetary Stars I have written about extensively in these pages, and I believe planetary Stars have global impact as well as symbolizing individual spiritual advancement and awareness. For example, since 1990, three stars have been war stars - the one in 1990 that appeared directly before Iraq invaded Kuwait signaling the Gulf War, the 2001 Star occurred seven days before the destruction of the World Trade Center that led to the War in Afghanistan, and the November 2002 Star preceeded the War in Iraq. All of these Stars had difficult squares to the Sun. In 1990, Mars squared the Sun, in 2001 both Saturn and Pluto squared the Sun, and in 2002 Uranus squared the Sun. Planetary Stars have global impact and many times the effect of the Star, like a solar eclipse will last from one Star to the next.

Personal or local Stars - There are times when five planets almost form a Star, but one point is missing. In these situations an individual can use a specific time set for his or her locality to form the Star of David with the Ascendant, the Midheaven, or Part of Fortune creating the final point. I have worked with these charts and my feeling is that they impact the individual who is electing the time and they are good for personal and spiritual development. They do not have global impact as they are locality based and individually created.

The Harmonic Concordance and planetary/asteroid Stars - The Star of David that is the Harmonic Concordance is formed by five planets and the asteroid Chiron. I have no experience with this type of Star. It is a hybrid. Not totally planetary, but also not locality based. The question is, "Will it have global impact?" I don't know. I am watching, waiting and learning. Will it have personal and spiritual impact on the individual? Absolutely! Especially on those who are in a healing profession or capacity, and those who seek healing from old wounds.

I think the Stars of David that have occurred over the past few years symbolize consciousness on the earth plane and how it is progressing. They speak of a spiritual path, one that flows from the heart. Many religions recognize that union and consciousness arise in the heart and in the act of loving well. The Star of David is a Universal symbol of union and heart love.