Our Vision

We are committed to offer gems which display optical splendor and inner radiance.

Symbolizing Peace and Tranquility, Andara Gems have arrived for those who are purposefully seeking an Ultimate State of Consciousness.

There is a natural harmony evident in every gem, which reveals this poignant message:

You have the ability to manifest anything your heart desires through Love.

We believe that this extraordinary material has presented itself in order to give back to the people from which it was birthed.

After searching for the best charitable organization to help the people of Indonesia, we have chosen The Karuna Bali Foundation. Its emphasis on education, integrity and its integration with government and institutions all combine to make this a commendable choice.

In honor of our connection with Indonesia, Andara Gems will donate a net portion of all proceeds from our sales to The Karuna Bali Foundation.

Andara was discovered by a field geologist during a visit to Indonesia. It was brought to my attention in 2003. Rick and I then funded a project to bring Andara to our home Island of Kauai. In our quest to fashion Andara into a quality gemstone, I was introduced to Master Cutter Greg Papin of Golden Mean Studios.

We found Andara to be a mesmerizing material and instinctively felt that it needed to be cut with sacred geometric designs. The result of Mr. Papin's precise faceting and his established commitment to quality is that each gemstone displays exceptional symmetry. The brilliance and radiance of Andara is not only visually stunning, but many practitioners in the healing arts are seeing wonderful results for our patients and clients. It also draws compassionate people who give from their hearts.

The Karuna Bali Foundation

transcending light of faith
Transcending Light of Faith
105 Carat

One particular gemstone is named 'The Transcending Light of Faith' which represents the Perfect Union of Loving Hearts and Oneness with The Universe.

Our desire to present this exquisitely designed Gemstone to The Karuna Bali Foundation was fulfilled on February 2, 2008. Later this year The Transcending Light of Faith Gem will be offered for auction in which all of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to help provide education and school supplies for the underprivileged children of Bali.

The Karuna Bali Foundation is a non profit, non sectarian, non religious Indonesian organization created to assist in providing education and individual growth opportunities to the people of Bali and elsewhere. It is sponsored through the Servantship program of Heartfelt Bali, an Indonesian corporation established by Jayem in Indonesia.

Following is a personal message from The Foundation:

transcending light of faith
Transcending Light of Faith
105 Carat

Karuna Bali Foundation, the parent organization responsible for the care and welfare of Campuhan College, Ubud, Indonesia would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Crystal and Rick Jones of Andara Gems, for their extraordinary and remarkably generous gift of the magnificent "Transcending Light of Faith". A fabulous 105 carat Andara Gem, in a superb Faberge style display case, valued at over US $13,000. The gem is currently offered for sale and will be available for silent auction through the Karuna Bali website. Interested parties please contact Suzanne Stallard, suzanne@elohim.com or telephone 61 7 5563 0036.

The energy of the "Transcending Light of Faith" is so perfectly aligned with the energy and Love that has carried Campuhan College daily from it's inception. It has attracted the most perfect, Loving and giving people from many nations and continues to expand and grow in potential, offering meaningful and effective help to the wonderful young people of Bali.

The Campuhan College

Through itís work with the CAMPUHAN COLLEGE, and outreach programs especially geared towards children, The Karuna Bali Foundation seeks to uplift the individual and the Balinese society as a whole through advancement and opportunity of itís people. Through The Karuna Bali Foundation, a year of high school education can be funded with only $300 Ė College with only $1000 per year.

If you are interested in being part of this worthy organization, you can learn more about it and make a donation to The Karuna Bali Foundation through this link: